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What about a web for a Harley-Davidson garage? Well here it is, the main problem was the communications with new clients who want to know where the garage is, what the garage does, and when they can visit the garage. This version of the web has worked in those three aspects and in new functionality, the schedule an appointment, so the garage team and the costumers could have both, a certain knowledge of the times and amount of work is currently on top.

This website is an “only-me” project, so I’ve been working on it since 2021, plenty of time for changes, so no, this last version is not the first version. This is so because with the help of Google Analytics and a few user surveys, many adjustments needed to be done it order to provide a better experience.


As I am not a back-end developer, I used WordPress for this website, I propose a clean design, that focus on big and clean font types, short text, and not too many pictures, giving attention to the buttons for reservations and direct contacts, such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

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