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Bizbud wanted to offer more benefits to their users through their BTHC Early Mint Pass, they needed the whole concept art, and web pages. Design of the NFTs characters, illustrations, scenarios, GIFs, web design, and campaign branding.

Bizbud is an intelligent field logbook app that wants to replace notebooks logs with digital logs, mainly for cannabis growers, so the concept for their NFTs was the “budies”, by making a joke of the bud becoming a character, starting with the head team, also, for the sales, not only the acquisition of the NFT file, but getting access to premium features in the app, and access to special offers.


The whole design includes not only the web design, in this case, but I also delivered design character, branding (create a new logo for this concept), banners, web pages, unique GIFs for the promotion of the mint passes, etc.

UX/UI Design Software

Website Builders & CMS Platforms
WordPress, Elementor

Design Tools
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procrate
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